Misson, vision and values of the Bulgarian Veterinary Union

Unity and safeguard of the veterinary stratum for the prosperity of the profession!
  • To unite, represent and protect veterinarian practitioners in Bulgaria.
  • To guarantee the public interest protection in the fulfillment of the veterinary profession for the animal healthcare, animal welfare, public health and the environmental protection.
  • To organize the veterinary practice, guaranteeing the animal health, public health and the consumer rights protection.
  • To assist the enhancement of veterinarians’ professional qualification for the performance of high-quality veterinary services through implementation of continuous professional development.
  • To provide professional and social assistance to veterinarians.

Sharing the priorities in the Strategy 2021 – 2025 of the Federation of Veterinarians in Europe, BVU works on:
  • "ONE HEALTH" and sustainability - popularization of the concept which incorporates the health of animals, people and ecosystems
  • Embrace technology – digitization, smart animal husbandry, animal database, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, etc.
  • Veterinary Demographics and Satisfying Careers – to carry out their professional role and respond to the needs of animals, their owners and society as a whole, there should be a sufficient number of veterinarians in the specific fields of veterinary medicine, and the work must be financially and socially attractive and fulfilling to them.
  • A united veterinary community is vital to creating as much synergy as possible in the overall veterinary practice.
  • Being recognized and influential - it is key that veterinarians are recognized and valued for their contributions to animal health and welfare, public health and environmental protection.

We at the BVU, following the Code of Good Veterinary Practice and Professional Ethics of the Veterinarian and following the basic values of the European Veterinary Code of Conduct, are guided by:
  • competence and professionalism;
  • independence and impartiality;
  • principle and responsibility;
  • honesty and integrity;
  • professional confidentiality;
  • accountability.

History of Bulgarian Veterinary Union

Bulgarian Veterinary Union (BVU) is the professional organization of veterinarians in Bulgaria. The BVU was established according to the Law on the Professional Organization of Veterinarians in Bulgaria, published in State Gazette, No. 84 of 19.10.2007
BVU was founded on 22.03.2008 as an independent, self-governing and self-regulating organization that unites veterinarian practitioners. The main goals of the organization are the representation and advocacy of the professional rights of its members, the protection of the public interest and the establishment of cooperation with other organizations and institutions in the country and abroad. The Bulgarian Veterinary Union has adopted a Statute, a Code of Professional Ethics and regulations for the work of the BVU’s management bodies, which are published on the official website of the BVU and are in line with the Veterinary Practice Act and the European and international requirements for practicing the veterinary profession.

First Period: 22.03.2008 – 16.05.2010
Chairman: Dr Trifon Tsvetkov
Vice Chairman: Dr Georgy Gavazov
Vice Chairman: Dr Radoslav Arhipov
Chief secretary: Dr Dimitar Popov
Chairman of CCPE: Dr Todor Todorov

Second Period:16.05.2010 – 30.03.2013
Chairman: Dr Yordan Boychev
Vice Chairman: Dr Angel Angelov
Vice Chairman: Dr Kaloyan Luchanski
Chief secretary: Dr Dimitar Popov
Chairman of CCPE: Dr Todor Todorov

Thirt Period: 30.03.2013 – 29.03.2014
Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Todor Marincov
Vice Chairman: Dr Petar Doychev
Vice Chairman: Dr Radoslav Arhipov
Chief secretary: Dr Georgy Mitev
Chairman of CCPE: Dr Todor Todorov

Fourth Period: 29.03.2014 - 31.03.2018
Chairman: Dr Trifon Tsvetkov
Vice Chairman: Dr Petar Doychev
Vice Chairman: Dr Rumen Stoyanov
Chief secretary: Dr Ilia Chobanov and Prof. Rumen Valchovski
Chairman of CCPE: Dr Todor Todorov

Fifth Period: 31.03.2018 - 25.03.2023
Chairman: Dr Trifon Tsvetkov
Vice Chairman: Dr Dimitar Tsankov
Vice Chairman: Dr Georgy Gavazov
Chief secretary: Dr Petar Doychev
Chairman of CCPE: Dr Dragomir Kamburov


Journal "VETERINARY PRACTICE" is a specialized publication for professional information

The journal is an essential part of the professional daily life of the veterinary stratum within its main functions of informing, communicating, commenting, advertising, forming and expressing opinions, and presenting different points of view, helping to affirm the high professionalism and authority of veterinarians.

It is published on regular bases 6 times per year in print and online editions. It reaches more than 11 500 readers

The journal is registered with the National Agency for International Standard Numbers (print edition: ISSN 2367-8240, online edition: ISSN 2815-2956). It is included in the National Reference List of contemporary Bulgarian scientific publications with scientific review. Each original article published in the journal earns the author evaluation points for the publication.

Higher visibility and wider readability of our magazine

As of 2022, our journal is part of the large EBSCO family and is distributed to academic and research libraries around the world. In 2021, the EBSCO Editorial Board nominated the journal "Veterinary Practice" for inclusion in its full-text database for veterinary science. EBSCO is a collection of databases for full-text publications and scientometric information. EBSCO's academic databases are used as the premier keyword search platform in more than 130,000 academic libraries, universities, and veterinary research institutions worldwide. Our partnership with EBSCO provides an opportunity for higher visibility of our journal (IF) and wider readability of authors (citations), as well as increasing the overall recognition of the Bulgarian Veterinary Union.

Our journal is a trusted source of professional information

Each issue features an exclusive, news-making interview. In order to ensure a high level of publications, the editorial board discusses all scientific, popular and applied articles before their publication. Scientific articles undergo preliminary scientific review by the most authoritative scientists. Advertising pages promote current veterinary products or services to a professional audience. Thus, companies have the opportunity to communicate directly with their potential customers.

Available and for the benefit of the veterinary stratum

The printed editions are sent to all Bulgarian institutions, including Parliament, Presidency, Council of Ministers. Through a digital platform, electronic publications reach an unlimited circle of readers all over the world. Some of the social media posts reach around 23,000 users.

Continuous Professional Development

What is Continuous Professional Development?

Adhering to the principle of lifelong learning, continuous professional development (cpd) is a commitment to continuous learning throughout the professional career of every single veterinarian.
Cpd promotes professional development for the acquisition of new knowledge and competences, improvement of existing ones, and familiarization with novelties, methods and achievements in veterinary medicine.
According to decision no. 8 of record no. 50/ 08-09.01.2020 at a regular meeting in the city of stara zagora, the national council of the bulgarian veterinary union approves a unified point system for evaluating the forms and activities of the cpd, adopts the regulation for the activity, the structure and the management of continuous veterinary training in the republic of bulgaria and the accreditation council (ac) at the bvu.
All accredited events, with their granted by ac points and officially issued ac opinions, are published on the website of the bvu.
For a three-year period, each member of the bvu is obliged to gain 150 points 2/3 of which should be acquired from attending events.
To verify the number of points, between december 1st and 31st of the current year, each member of bvu submits to the secretary of the regional college personal annual self-assessment report of the cpd - appendix no. 2 and copies of the acquired training certificates.


Head office
Address: 1504 Sofia, 106 Vasil Levski Blvd, Office 6
Tel.: +359 (0) 884 772 600 – Chairman
Tel.: +359 (0) 877 744 569 – Chief Secretary
Tel.: +359 (0) 887 876 969 – Administrative Secretary
E-mail: bvsbg@abv.bg

The Home of the Veterinarian
Address: 1582 Sofia, Druzhba 2 NBHD, Tsarigradski complex, bl. 283, Entr. 2

BVU Management
Position                 Name                                      Telephone                              E-mail
BVU Chairman      Dr Trifon Tsvetkov                +359 (0) 884 772 600            dr_t.tsvetkov@abv.bg
Vice Chairman       Dr Dimitar Tsankov               +359 (0) 877 744 536           dimityr08@abv.bg
                                                                              +359 (0) 885 250 888
Vice Chairman       Dr Georgy Gavazov               +359 (0) 877 744 563          albeitar@abv.bg
                                                                              +359 (0) 897 337 730
Chief Secretary      Dr Petar Doychev                   +359 (0) 877 744 569         doichev_1965@abv.bg
Chairman               Dr Dragomir Kamburov         +359 (0) 898 523 592           dr_kambourov@abv.bg
Administrative       Paulina Stanimirova               +359 (0) 887 876 969            bvsbg@abv.bg
Chief Accountant  Boriska Borisova                    +359 (0) 885 250 080            b.peeva1961@abv.bg
Attorney                Ivan Georgiev                         +359 (0) 877 744 125            iv_georgiev@abv.bg
Chief Editor          Dr Milena Krastanova             +359 (0) 888 461 208            vetpractice2019@gmail.com